April 8 - May 8, 2011

Curated by James Salomon and Beverly Allan

Allan Nederpelt, 60 Freeman Street, Brooklyn

						<h4><em>The Ecstasy of St. Theresa</em></h4>
						2006</br>Carved linden wood, paint and 1880's porcelain urinals</br>
						25 x 16 x 12 inches</br>
                        <h3>DIANNE BLELL</h3>
						<h4><em>The Lovers</em></h4>
						2000-2006</br>Mixed media</br>
						19 x 13 inches</br>
                        <h3>SCOTT HUNT</h3>
						2010</br>Charcoal on paper</br>
						40 x 31 inches</br>
                        <h3>MICHAEL DWECK</h3>
						<h4><em>Mermaid #162 (Aripeka, Florida)</em></h4>
						2008</br>Silver gelatin print</br>
						37 x 30 inches</br>
                        Edition 1/5</br>
                        <h3>DIANNE BLELL</h3>
						<h4><em>Courting the Beloved</em></h4>
						2000-2006</br>Mixed media</br>
						24 x 16 inches</br>
                        <h3>SCOTT HUNT</h3>
						<h4><em>Laundry in a Blue State</em></h4>
						2005</br>Charcoal on paper</br>
						15 x 17 inches</br>