Curated by Laura Migdon

July 10 - August 9, 2013


Salomon Contemporary presents #summerfridays, an exhibition of works by Thomas Beale, Jameson Ellis, Sebastian Errazuriz, Joey Frank, Elissa Goldstone, Alice Hope, Liz Markus, Maynard Monrow, Daniel Newman and Grear Patterson. The exhibition title references a season when companies or employers conduct a very selfless act. For almost everyone in the New York Art World, having Saturdays off during the summer is relief enough. For the rest, an unwarranted half or full day off on Friday means an early escape to a weekend full of R&R, leisure activities and of course, a fair amount of debauchery.

Works in the exhibition touch on #summerfridays in various ways, some highlighting favorite summer pastimes like Elissa Goldstone's Untitled baseball embroideries, Joey Frank's Reflective Moments, a miniature mechanical roller coaster, and Liz Markus's What Do You Get When You Fall In Love and Fuck Me on Your Motorcycle. After all, what would summer be without a little romance?

Other works set the tone for relaxation, like Jameson Ellis's Kicking Back, Contemplating the Mountain, a painting inspired by the serene mountain imagery in Japanese woodblock prints or Alice Hope's moss-like installation comprised of painted bbs held together by magnetic force. Sebastian Errazuriz's Personal Registration of Time Passing, an installation of "timeless" watches that lack hour and minute hands but still retain the second hand, allow the wearer to see time pass without being aware of the actual time.

#summerfridays is also playful mockery of the ubiquitous hashtag—from Robin #Thicke and your little sister's mean-girl entourage, to your technology-challenged parents—everyone is doing it. In honor of this current phenomenon, Salomon Contemporary is willingly joining the craze and creating a twitter account to tweet about the show. Images from exhibition will accompany over 4,000 photos of summer Friday fun that already exist on Instagram using the summerfriday hashtag.